What's Up?  Sky Sights in April 2022

Evening Skies:
Mercury leaps into exciting visibility throughout the month. Look for a rather bright starpoint low in west/northwestern skies within the wash of late evening twilight. 

Morning Skies: 

Venus blazes bright before dawn abiding among the faint stars of constellation Aquarius, the "Water Boy". Mars, Saturn, and Venus remain in fine form. Jupiter joins the fray much lower. 

Dance of the Planets: Fine form throughout April. Jupiter joins the fray as well though much lower and separated towards the eastern horizon. Between Sunday, April 24th and Wednesday, April 27th, watch the Moon parade past all these planets. A grand finale: On Saturday morning, April 30th, a splendid pairing of Venus and Jupiter occurs low in eastern skies!

Moon Phases

New Moon: Friday, April 2nd
First Quarter: Saturday, April 9th

Full Moon:  Saturday, April 16th

Last Quarter: Saturday, April 23rd

Venus Saturn
Venus Jupiter


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Enjoy the Spring Sky everyone!